I am Abir,

y​our professio​nal translator & writ​er.

About Me

Hello, my name is Abir!

I live in the charming city of Beirut. In am ​a young writer/storyteller crafts vivid ​stories that reflect the city's essence, ​inviting readers to explore human ​emotions and experiences. Through my ​words, I celebrate diversity, warmth of ​sunlight and the beauty of the human ​connection.

Nothing replaces ​human words

As a professional copywriter and ​translator, I believe nothing can surpass ​the genuine human connection and ​empathy in crafting messages that truly ​resonate with users, going beyond the ​capabilities of any artificial tool.

Your dedicated ​translator


Translated confidential ​documents, travel guides, ​and academic dissertations ​proficiently in both Arabic ​and English.

Content Writing

Crafted creative writing and ​tailored website content in ​both Arabic and English.


Provided thorough ​proofreading services for ​documents and web content ​in Arabic and English.

Few Happy Clients

Need a ​quotation?


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